President – Julie Duarte

Vice-President – Ben Williams

Secretary – Tasha Denton

Treasure – Chris Strahm

Safety Officer – Colby Cartee & Keriann Johnston

Equipment Manager- Mitch Kellum

Chief Umpire – Paul Rubio

Player Agent – Kelley Kellum

Uniform Manager – Robin Cartee

Field Manager – Orlando Aguirre

City Liaison- Ross Daniels

Concessions Manager- Lilian Aguirre

Voting Members- Jayro Duarte, CJ Johnston


4 Responses to Little League Board Of Directors

  1. Mark Smith says:

    Dear Board Member,

    Can Ruediger Photography send your league a bid for your 2017 photos? We are also available to meet in person if that would be helpful!

    I just need to know how many players you expect (roughly) and whether your league pays for a basic package from league funds.

    We are a family owned photography business located in San Deigo with a priary focus on youth sports leagues.

    Please give us a chance to earn your business! If you include an address we can send you a full sample package.

    Thank you!
    Marie & Jason Ruediger
    Ruediger Photography

  2. Mark Smith says:

    Dear Board Member,

    Attached is a pdf photo bid from Ruediger Photography for your 2017 league photos.

    If your league is already contracted, please let me know.

    We offer low prices, a generous rebate, and many free items including deluxe sponsor or coach plaques! For 2017 we are still offering every player a free 8×10 portrait.

    I can send a full bid package that includes samples, just let me know a physical address and contact person to send the information to. We can also make a personal presentation to your board on request.

    Ruediger Photography

    • HoltvilleLittleLeague says:

      I did not rcv an attachement pdf of pricing info.
      I saw you are based out of San Diego…Do you travel to the Imperial Valley?
      Please email me at
      We have picture day scheduled for Wed, March 15th beginning at 4pm.
      You can also mail to
      PO Box 686
      Holtville, CA 92250
      Thank you

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